"...Sator Duo is one of the most exciting duos playing in Italy these days..."
Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA


“…There is so much passion, dramatic power and elegance in this talented Italian duo!…”

Ernesto Cordero, Composer, San Juan, Puerto Rico

“…The audience was fascinated by the music of these wonderful duo who have honoured the Embassy of Uruguay…”

Gustavo Alvarez, Ambassador of Uruguay, Rome, Italy

“…A wonderful concert…”

Patricia Ynestroza, journalist at Radio Vaticana, Vatican City

“…Their intention, in-depth philological study, attention to detail while performing and the emotional charge of their interpretation make SatorDuo a point of reference in this specific area….”

Leonardo De Angelis, Guitarist and Composer, Italy

“…exciting, thrilling music from Spain and South America…”

What’s on Guide, London

“…A high level performance that has been a great success …. They deserve our highest esteem and consideration…”

Sylvia Irrazàbal, responsible for cultural activity at IILA (Italian Latin American Institute) and for the Uruguayan Embassy in Italy

“…Music narrative can have many readings, yet it has only one truth. The playing of SatorDuo grabs you by surprise: it seemigly basic straight-forwardness is misleading. But soon, the inner message takes over hand and a warm feeling of sincerity and wealth engulfs you offering the magic key to the pasture of plenty of their musical talent and bliss. The music they are telling is enchanting…”

Dan Shorer, Founder of U- Sophia, www.u-sophia.com, Tel Aviv, Israel

“…All the passion and the poignant melancholy of tango translated into music on the syncopated rhythms of a popular dance that became poetry…”

Olbia24, Olbia, Italy

“…The fusion and sound projection of these two excellent players mean that their already great artistic performance has a meticulous, convincing musical flavour….”

Claudio De Angelis, Guitarist, Italy

“…Top-level artists…SatorDuo plays with passion and precision – a combination that left its mark on every listener…”

Robert Hutmacher, Composer and Artistic Director of CN Concert Series, Chicago, USA