"...Sator Duo is one of the most exciting duos playing in Italy these days..."
Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA


“…Sator Duo is an amazing group that thrilled and fascinated the audience very deeply with their emotional charge and excellent technique– a combination that left its mark on every listener…”

Ying Zheng, General Manager, Wu Promotion CLASSICS Co., Ltd, China


“…SatorDuo played 2 performances in September 2022 and we are extremely happy with their concerts: the audience loves their music!…”

The Board Of ‘Erinnerung Mit Zukunft e.V.’, Nesjomme Festival und Gitarrenfestival Nordhorn (Germany) 

“…The Sator Duo not only is an unusual and exotic mix of two instruments that are not typically heard together but the repertoire and the sound that they produce is a fantastic blend of original thought and a very fluid musical address!…”

Jack Price, Managing Director of Price Rubin & Partners Artists Management,  USA

“… An amazing and fascinating mix in a perfect balance between virtuosity and musical dialogues…”

Fabio Nucci, Il Messaggero, Italy

“…SatorDuo plays with a vibrant spirit, consistently musical interpretations supported by excellent technique!…”

Jim McCutcheon, guitarist and producer of the radio program “The Intimate Guitar” on Dayton Public Radio, Dayton, USA.

“… Congratulations on the realization and interpretation of my compositions, I was able to listen to them again with a new and original reading thanks to the taste of two excellent musicians …”

Daniele Di Bonaventura, bandoneonist & composer, Italy.

“…Two truly talented musicians!…”

F. Colasanto, composer, Italy.

“…A very high profile execution that proved to be very successful, we pay our tribute to them and we keep them in the highest consideration…”

Sylvia Irrazàbal, Responsible for Cultural activities at IILA (Institute Italian Latina American) in Rome, Italy

“…The public was enthralled by the music of this wonderful duo, who honoured the Uruguayan Embassy with their playing…”

Daniel Ramada Piendibene, Uruguayan Embassador in Italy, Italy

“…The London concerts offer the opportunity to experience the energy, emotional charge and virtuosity of SatorDuo…”

ILAMS, Iberian Latin American Music Society, Londra, United Kingdom

“…Their concerts have all of the fire and passion of Latin music: SatorDuo is one of the most thrilling duos in Italy today!…”

Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA