"...Sator Duo is one of the most exciting duos playing in Italy these days..."
Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA


“…A successful duo, not just because of their polished performance but also for their choice of programme…”

Stefano Ragni, Pianist, Italy

“…A sound itinerary of great fascination among the beautiful and poignant melodies telling of passion, nostalgia, impetus and tenderness – including classics as the beautiful “Oblivion”, the impetus  “Adios Nonino”, the pressing and figurative “Escualo” and finally the unforgettable “Muerte del Angel” by Piazzolla and the original pieces “Preghiera” and “Sator Tango” by Mr. Castellani himself…”

La Nuova Sardegna, Italy

“…Two great interpreters of rioplatense soul…”

Gastòn Lasarte, Ambassador of Uruguay, Italy

“…An extraordinary programme…”

Perugiatoday, Italy

“…The artists’ skill and expression captured the auditorium from the very first, guiding the listeners in the discovery of the intense atmospheres they evoke with their passionate performance…”

Gazzetta di Benevento, Italy

“…Castellani’s violin scratched and caressed the chords and the hearts, while Di Giandomenico, with his guitar, seemed to trace a way along which the music could abandon itself, in a symbiosis that soon brought such warm applause that the performers were obliged to play repeated encores…”

Eusapia Tarricone, Il Quaderno, Italy

“…Extraordinary artists with consummate interpretive skills. Castellani and Di Giandomenico gave an unforgettable performance at the Festival dei Saraceni. Fantastic…”

Cinzia Mela, Artistic Director of Festival dei Saraceni, Italy

“…being transported on the notes of the tango to a place without space or time…that is what happened at the SatorDuo concert…”

Il Sannio Teatri e Cultura, Italy

“…Excellent music…Greatly appreciated…”

Il Giornale dell’Umbria, Italia